Marvel Comics – Ultimate X-Men – Uncanny

Marvel Comic Books, the real Ultimate X-Men began in Marvel Comic’s historic X-Men #94. Those were the real Uncanny X-Men, lost in the series of films were the uniforms that made everyday comic book readers relate to the Uncanny X-Men. Their attraction in my opinion, were the relationship between their uniforms and their mutant abilities. Reading those books in the 1970’s and 1980’s were great, and how could we have fathomed the notion that Jean Gray would eventually kill Cyclops and the good professor? No way!

It should not have happened on the big screen either. Marvel sold themselves short on that series of films, that could have easily gone on forever. For every superhero like step that they have taken in crushing DC comics, and DC’s poor selection of villains in the Superman movies, they could have taken these X-Men films to new heights. Thus how instrumental could that have been in re-building the comic book industry and restoring the value of these Americana treasures.

Those movies could have ended just like they ended those famous Uncanny X-Men comics in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. Everyone of those books left you wanting more, could’nt wait for the next issue.

I can remember the great battles with Sebastian Shaw and the White Queen of the Hellfire Club. I am no hollywood movie script writer, although I am sure I could be and I could have turned those Marvel Comics into fantastic movies, re-kindling the flames that made those 1970’s era comics fantastic!

I can remember Wolverine hiding out in the Hellfire Club’s basement ready to attack and rescue the rest of the X-Men, what a great scene that was! What about the Dazzler…Issue #130, I will admit she was the neatest looking thing on the Marvel Comics Planet, but maybe for her it was all about the timing of her appearance, needless to say it worked. I almost was going to forget to mention that fact, that despite my disapproval of how they terminated some X-Men greats that should have lived forever Marvel can basically do no wrong in the Hollywood. However, If I see another Superman movie with Lex Luther as the villain, I will probably fly myself over to some place on the planet where I can get myself a piece of cryptonite and stick into Superman myself. I think I have more charisma than old Lex Luther anyway and I have more hair too…

Bring back the real Uncanny X-Men, give us a chance to see our “REAL” mutant heroes on the big screen tackle maybe not the most famous villains, but the ones that made our reading efforts pay off in the 1970’s. Make Jean stop the world from moving, bring Cyclops back to life along with Professor X and lets get this thing done right the next time.

Nuff said…