Bomb Queen II – Dirty Bomb

The second trade in the Bomb Queen saga was just as satirical as the first. Jimmie Robinson continues his disgusting commentary on our society through the grimy lens of New Port City. I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with this comic book series. I LOVE the storyline, setting, and premise of Bomb Queen’s tale; but I HATE the nudity, crudity, and raunchy humor. Essentially, you have to choose if it is worth it to you. As soon as I had read 5 pages of this trade I said to myself, “I am not getting the next one.” But by the time the final page turned I was saying, “Okay just one more.”

Bomb Queen is looking for love and companionship, and when an unlikely male with a charming accent and a chivalrous manner sweeps her off her feet. This causes her to let her guard down, and the man isn’t all that he appears to be. In this volume, we learn Bomb Queen’s history. How she used to be one of many queens: Ice Queen, Scream Queen, Drama Queen, and Bomb Queen. Ice Queen had powers much like Ice-Man or Mr. Freeze. Scream Queen could shred people with the sonic powers of her voice. Drama Queen would grow to enormous¬†proportions¬†if someone made her angry. This trade covers how she came to be the only Queen to rule Newport City, and how that rise to the top wasn’t as easy (or sought for) as we imagined. Dang you Jimmie Robinson for making me have to buy the next.