A Look at George Carlin’s Book "3x Carlin – An Orgy of George"

This is the pinnacle of all that is George Carlin. You get three of his published works in one! Its a very easy read , great for when you have some down time to get a couple of chuckles in on a stressful day.This book is huge and has plenty of content that won’t take much of a time investment. like I have mentioned in my review , you can pull it out when you have a free minute and read a little here and there. My favorite thing to do with this book is to flip to a random page , so you don’t have to treat this as a “Book” in the traditional sense. Just a fun flip through to make your day.

I’m a huge George Carlin fan and I wanted to get some of his written work to enjoy, especially since he is no longer with us. I have seen all of his HBO specials and all of them made me think and laugh. The same rule applies with this book , I always pulled this book out when I had a free minute between classes in college or a ride home on the train. I highly recommend this to anyone that likes to ask the big questions like…”When your rub your eyes real hard do you see that checkerboard pattern? What is that?” (Hyperion. “Naplam & Silly Putty”)

One of the greatest comedians of all time managed to get all of his ideas down on paper. George Carlin known most notably for his live performances, also has a ton of material that wasn’t used live. From short one liners to pages of scrutiny about airport security. There’s no better way to get inside George Carlin’s head than his written work and audio books. One the reasons I like Carlin so much is that he was so aware of the language we use everyday. He was able to pick it apart and show us how silly we really are.