The Incredible Hulk Issue 2: Attack of the Toad Men

Since his evolution, it has been established that mere mortals are no match for the Hulk. And thanks for that, because we see Stan Lee’s creativity go berserk with Bruce Banner and Hulk. In this comic book, we are introduced to The Toad Men.


By this time, Rick Jones and Bruce Banner have made peace with their role in life. Rick has to ensure that The Hulk does minimal damage when he returns every night, and ensure that Banner survives the violence that the Hulk puts himself through.

One day, the duo decide to make their headquarters in a strong, tailor made cave, And as they are deciding to make their life simpler, an alien race, The Toad Men, make their way onto earth. The Toad Men are of course, looking to capture earth, but before that they want to know how advanced or primitive the planet is.

To do this, they wish to find out who the most intelligent man on earth is, and their research shows them to Bruce. They use a special magnetic power to capture Bruce and Rick.

Back on their spaceship that trundles along Earth, they release Rick, because they are not the person that they want. Bruce turns into the Hulk and singlehandedly defeats the Toad Men. On earth, the army sees the alien spacecraft and shoots it down, bringing down a disheveled Bruce, who has by then turned back into his natural form. The Toad Men escape from an underground passage, and therefore Bruce is the alleged mastermind of what seems to be a plot to overtake the world.

As Bruce is in imprisoned, the leader of the Toad Men makes contact with General Ross, and after some threatening dialogue, Ross decides that they will fight to their last breath. Meanwhile, Bruce has transformed into Hulk and disappeared from the prison. Angered at General Ross for imprisoning him, he jumps and flies to Ross’s house to confront him, but finds Betty, whom he kidnaps.

This is the second time that Betty has a confrontation with The Hulk. This time, she asks him why he hates humanity, and The Hulk replies with another question. Why shouldn’t he hate the civilization that has only tortured and imprisoned him?

In fact, the Hulk is just about destroy his only hope towards a normal life when Rick comes in and tells him about the Toad Men. But any chances of a conversation are turned to naught when the Toad Men attack Earth and there are a series of earthquakes throughout the night.

Finally, with daylight comes Bruce, the only person who knows the power of the Gamma Ray gun, which he uses to send the Toad Men and their spaceship into another galaxy.


Reading the earlier issues of The Hulk, it seems impossible that the green monster has had such a long run. All the other comics that we see in those times are about some criminal or something small. But with Hulk bringing in concepts like aliens – of course, like Superman, it was definitely an awesome change that made comics more interesting.

The Disdained Hero of the Literary World

Simplicity always pairs up with a little amount of sophistication. This irony very well suits our protagonist – Graphic Novel. It is simple yet profound and complex. This contemporary literary phenomenon has managed to turn heads these days. Largely because of the Superhero comics.

Graphic novels have also been prejudiced as not owning the potential to be an integral part of the literary world. But history tells us a different story. This medium of literature has been unassumingly around us since ages. Prehistoric cave paintings, tapestries from the Middle Ages and illuminated manuscripts stand witness for this. The great works that emerged during the Renaissance Era have created a serious impact in the way art should be perceived. The creations of legends like Michelangelo and Da Vinci stand the test of time.

This medium has constantly evolved over years and has reached the present state of being a powerful medium. The main reason for this is simply because anything visual has 90% more impact than text form. A study from the University of Oklahoma vouches that graphic novels may improve memory and be more effective in teaching students than a traditional textbook.

In fact graphic novels make kids who deter textbooks to voluntarily pick up the habit of reading. They are not glorified comic books, though. But they stay distinguished by the substantial use of imagery along with text to tell a story. The whole concept of graphic novels for kids was Initially aimed at English language learners and students with learning disabilities. Now that their potential is being realised, more and more regular classrooms are adapting graphic novels to teach different subjects for students at all levels.

They turn out to be wonderful learning tools simply due to the visual impact they create on our brain. Graphic novels are not just picture books. Text plays a vital part too. But they have to be crisp and catchy. With the right words and illustrations working together, they make learning fun and quick. The graphics give an overview of what the concept is about and this cheers the child to read the whole thing, especially helps kids who dread books.

Graphic novels are not only distinguished literary forms. They are turning into effective learning medium that have the scope to make any subject appealing. May it be teaching tricky math concepts or telling story through artwork, this medium of illustration is sure to echo in the coming.

Pamela Ivy – Batman Villain, But Who Is She?

Pamela Lillian Isley is a fictional comic book villain more commonly known as poison ivy.  Ivy is one of the main female comic book villains to the hero known as Batman. Ivy was created by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff and was first introduced to the world in the batman comic issue 181.

Pamela Ivy is known as one of the world’s highest threat eco terrorists and uses botany to carry out her evil plans.  Ivy uses toxins from her own blood and other plant life to carry out acts of terrorism which usually involve protecting Mother Nature. Poison Ivy is often played as a love interest to Bruce Wayne and is seen as one of his most powerful foes.

Ivy’s most powerful story arc was when she attempted to rob a gala hosted by Bruce Wayne.  During the robbery she kissed Bruce meaning that she left her deadly poison on his lips which would have killed him if ivy hadn’t has later kissed a dying Batman which gave him the cure.  She did this without knowing and ever since a sexual tension has been apparent between the super hero and the villain, which has made for many highly charged situations.

Poison ivy isn’t one of my favourite female villains, simply because I don’t find her too interesting, having said that I believe that Ivy has a lot of potential when it comes to including her character in feature length movies in the future, and with the right story arc poison ivy really could become a powerful enemy to the Dark Knight.