Golden Age Comic Books for Teenagers

For years now, superheroes have been popular amongst teenagers. The paper comics were on top of this popularity long before movies, television shows or Internet threads have been made available for superheroes. Comic book enthusiasts adored these paperbacks much more than the stories. These comics really delved into political, societal and social thresholds, highlighting the state of the era they had been introduced. Ever since they emerged on the market, the Marvel comics have been in the top position in this industry even to this day.

Marvel’s historical past goes back to October 1939 at the time when the first comic was published with the title Marvel Comics #1. Over 80,000 copies were sold from the first issue. With the success of this comic, particularly the popularity of the very first super hero Human Torch, a second superhero was introduced by Marvel called Captain America during 1941.

The Second World War signified the ending of Golden Age comic books. The comics by Marvel responded to the precipitous downfall in the popularity of the superhero books, displaying characters like Captain America and introduced new selection of humorous books centered on characters like Super Rabbit.

But, the beginning of Vietnam War heightened the interest in superheroes which influenced Marvel to creation of 4 brand-new superheroes which joined as The Fantastic Four. There were also other characters like X-Men, Ant-Man, Iron Man Hulk, and Spider-Man. All of these characters are imprinted in the minds of teenagers and also continue to be the foundation of various Hollywood blockbusters.

The collectors will pay an enormous amount to get Golden comic books, even spending millions for the vintage issues in perfect condition. You can ask your parents and grandparents if they have a lot of money hidden in a drawer which consists of the sentimental items from their years as a child. Believe it or not, even the government identifies the enormous influence that the superhero comic books have on the pop culture. During 2007, some commemorative stamps displaying superhero characters had been introduced.