The 7 And A Half Habits of Highly Humorous People by David M Jacobson

Where would we be without humor in the world? Would you want to live in a world without humor? I don’t think so!

The author begins by giving us a definition of a “highly humorous person”. He describes this type of person as someone you will be drawn to and want to spend time with. You will enjoy their company no matter what your surroundings might be. Most people possess these traits; however, few reach their potential of being a highly humorous person.

The author then goes on to explain the 7½ habits of highly humorous people. You will find it interesting that the first one listed is only “The Half Habit” – Mastering your thoughts. David explains that you don’t need the whole habit in order for it to be effective.

On a very personal note, when the author talks about the ½ habit, he tells the readers that ten years ago psoriatic arthritis seized many of his joints and as a result changed his self-image. He entered a bicycle race which was a fundraising event and managed to cross the finish line after 115 miles. He received the Jim Elliott Award which is given to someone with a chronic illness who is not the normal type of person to compete against healthy individuals. David also received a silver medal. Due to all the media attention, he was considered the person the next year to win the gold medal. However, on David’s first training ride the next year, his knees and back prevented him from going past one mile.

David began to feel depressed. After all, he was the inspiration to many and now he could not ride the bike for more than a mile. Also, his ego was involved. For a moment, David felt his only choice was to give up. This was a negative thought and he had to bring in some humor to help him out of this situation. It didn’t take David very long to come up with the idea of riding a unicycle in the race. His goal was to ride the unicycle 50 miles. It was difficult because of the cold and wind and after 48 miles his body told him it was time to quit. Did he? No way. David’s humor came into play and he told himself to go another couple of miles and he could laugh and tell his grandchildren about this one day!

I found the chapter on Self-Effacing Humor very interesting. The author states that you should know your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Poke some fun at yourself in order to open some communication. When you laugh at yourself, it is a very healthy form of humor.

There are many other interesting parts of this book but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone so I will stop here.

As soon as I saw the cover of this book, I knew I was in for a treat! Did you ever give much thought about the meaning of humor? David M. Jacobson has written a guide to humor and this book shows the reader just how talented this author is when it comes to writing. As you go through each section of this book, you will find them both funny and serious at the same time. The author has delivered a book that is written in a very clever manner. He has incorporated some ideas that I never would have thought of doing such as adding a backward instead of a foreword, a preface that lists things we can do with this book if we don’t like it, a postface and a fast foreword.

David Jacobson does an excellent job of showing the important role that humor plays in our lives. This is a very well written book. What I really enjoyed most about it is the way the writer includes many of his own personal obstacles in life and added the results of how humor has helped him work his way through it all. It just goes to prove that no matter what happens, we need to just sit back, relax and try to put some humor into our thoughts. Maybe things won’t look so bad after that. As you read through this book, you will come across many statements made by David that make so much sense. You will find yourself thinking “Wow! That is so true.” This is an inspirational read as well as one that you will find thoroughly entertaining. This is a fast paced book that you could read in a couple of hours so get ready to sit back, relax and enjoy David Jacobson’s humor “therapy”. I highly recommend “The 7 ½ Habits of Highly Humorous People”.