Futures End 0 (DC Comics, The New 52)

DC Comics has released ‘Futures End’ issue number 0, which was a special edition issue. The story gives a glimpse into what might be the impending future for Earth of the DC Universe under the ‘New 52’ era.

The story was set thirty five years from now, in a dark future wherein machines take control of Earth. Manipulated and controlled by the entity known as ‘Brother Eye’, mechanically enhanced super beings freely wander the surface in search of those few remaining sentient beings to be hunted down, annihilated, or be transformed as part of the system.

Being set in the future, heroes of today are seen in their aged form. Yet despite their elderly attributes, they continue to do their job to fight against any form of evil. However, the enemy has already made its dominance over the world and their resistance is no match for its power.

Even those who fight against each other, are now working together against a common enemy. Flash and Captain Cold are long time rivals in the present time. Yet, in this time, they have each other’s back to have a better chance for survival. Yet, perhaps due to their old stature, they are easily taken down by Frankenstein. Frankenstein used to be a friend to the Flash but has willingly put himself under ‘Brother’s Eye’s’ dominion.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy that had happened that had made all of these what it is, is the fall of one of Earth’s mightiest super hero. As mentioned by John Stewart, who still performs his duty as Green Lantern of Earth at this time, Superman’s absence was considered as a great fear. And now, the great hero who once fought for truth and justice, is now a powerful machine-driven puppet that performs its master’s bidding. Aside from the Flash and John Stewart, others still thrived for a last effort for existence, yet their efforts were futile. Among them were Blue Beetle, Amethyst, and Grifter. All of them, like those before them, fell into the hands of the Eye.

Conceivably as the main person who made all these possible is also from this world’s greatest known hero. The Batman, together with Mister Terrific, were responsible for the creation of ‘Brother Eye’. And now the whole world suffered because of them. In his last effort to undo the wrong that he had committed, he designed a time travelling device that would allow him to stop his previous self from creating this mechanical monster. But before he was able to put himself in this time journey, he was attacked by the Eye through its robotic mercenaries. In his last moments, he handed over the task at hand to Terry, considered as the Batman of that time. Terry was able to go back into the past. However, it seemed too late for him, for the things that he was supposed to stop, has apparently began.

This is just the tip-off to the other events that would follow in this long story that would likely affect the entire DC Universe.