Who Is the Penguin?

Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot who is also known as the penguin is an arch enemy to the character Batman. The penguin is often seen as a secondary villain just behind the Joker. The Penguin was first introduced into comic book super fame when he was created by Bob Kane and Bill finger. The Penguin made his first appearance in the detective comics issue 58.

The penguin is known for being a high class citizen while loving high tech weaponry. The penguin is often portrayed as a small, round and fat man dressed in a tuxedo and fancies himself as a modern day gentleman of crime.

He owns a chain of nightclubs which often cover for low key crime and Batman allows this to a certain extent so he can keep tabs on the penguin. The dark knight often extracts information from the penguin’s employees at these nightclubs.

The characters early life was covered in bullying and this was because he is seen as a social outcast. Some variations of the character have him born with webbed feet and hands which create a flipper effect, hence the reason why he gets the nickname the penguin. The character is rejected by his family because of his odd looks and this is what leads him to the life of crime.

Unlike many of the Batman villains, the penguin is in complete control of his actions at all times, which means that the penguin carries out these horrible actions while being completely sane, this makes him a real threat to Batman and I think this is what makes the character so special.