Graphic Novel Review: JLA The Greatest Stories Ever Told

Being a Green Lantern fan that I am, I bought and read Green Lantern The Greatest Stories Ever Told and was satisfied by the stories in it. So I thought I might as well get JLA The Greatest Stories Ever Told. JLA stands for Justice League of America, sometimes known only as Justice League. JLA or Justice League of America is a comic book published by DC Comics. It is a superhero team comprised of DC’s biggest names like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and the list goes on. The roster is not permanent. From time to time, some members leave while new characters join. The comic book had been entertaining its readers since the sixties until now.

So JLA The Greatest Stories Ever Told is a compilation of some of the team’s greatest stories or adventures. Though I would have to say that the term “greatest” is subjective, I still found my way to appreciate this comic book compilation.

I guess one of my biggest expectation from this book is reading the original issue with which this team or group of superheroes come together and became a team. I’m talking about The Brave and the Bold #28 from 1960. I would really love to read that original story. The team’s beginning story that was included in this book was from issue #200 with the title “Origin”. It was a story of how its founding members come together to battle invading alien forces and formally establish the group.

Well, the short origin story made way for other pages wherein interesting stories fill in.Stories like “The Super-Exiles of Earth”, “Snapper Carr- Traitor”, and “The Great Identity Crisis” among others. Each of these stories (eight stories in total including “Origin”), had some key events in the long history of the team which included revealing each members’ secret identities to one another, betrayal from one of its members, overcoming their own selves, undergoing transition with its new members, and heeding the advice that might be the key to saving the world from total alien domination.

Among these stories, I guess the best that I’ve read was “Star-Seed”. It was originally presented in JLA Secret Files #1, September 1997. The story was written by Grant Morrison and Mike Millar. In the story, Blue Valley was attacked by an alien threat. Flash was first to address the situation but he was also among the first to fall under the invader’s control. Superman called a meeting with Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter as the alien invader’s made it public that they are up to conquer the world. During their planning process, The Spectre intervened and warned them from getting involved. The superheroes were however

reluctant to follow the unsolicited advice so the Spectre gave them a view of things to come should they follow through with their plan. The result of their action would be them falling under the control of the alien threat. And being the super-powered being that they are, the rest of the world were no match to them. Seeing the probable outcome, they had come up with a solution: penetrating through the enemy territory deprived of their superpowers. with their powers gone, they would be a lesser threat should they indeed fall under control. Despite being powerless, the group succeeded in subduing the alien threat, keeping the world safe again.

Again, there are eight stories in this compilation book and each story offers a different take and point of view (as interpreted by each story’s respective creative writers) in the lives of these great superheroes. Aside from the great stories, as comic books, each stories also showcased great art from great artists that had shared their talents in each page.