Pamela Ivy – Batman Villain, But Who Is She?

Pamela Lillian Isley is a fictional comic book villain more commonly known as poison ivy.  Ivy is one of the main female comic book villains to the hero known as Batman. Ivy was created by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff and was first introduced to the world in the batman comic issue 181.

Pamela Ivy is known as one of the world’s highest threat eco terrorists and uses botany to carry out her evil plans.  Ivy uses toxins from her own blood and other plant life to carry out acts of terrorism which usually involve protecting Mother Nature. Poison Ivy is often played as a love interest to Bruce Wayne and is seen as one of his most powerful foes.

Ivy’s most powerful story arc was when she attempted to rob a gala hosted by Bruce Wayne.  During the robbery she kissed Bruce meaning that she left her deadly poison on his lips which would have killed him if ivy hadn’t has later kissed a dying Batman which gave him the cure.  She did this without knowing and ever since a sexual tension has been apparent between the super hero and the villain, which has made for many highly charged situations.

Poison ivy isn’t one of my favourite female villains, simply because I don’t find her too interesting, having said that I believe that Ivy has a lot of potential when it comes to including her character in feature length movies in the future, and with the right story arc poison ivy really could become a powerful enemy to the Dark Knight.