Sense Of Priceless Humor

The power of good humor or priceless humor is unlimited. Humor can develop your wisdom and let ones

face life optimistically. Humor can help make your life colorful and enhance your confidence. Your sense of humor can even “spread” to the people around and make their lives joyful.

Humor is everywhere, every time, it is like the flowers blooming in every corner of our planet and add beauty and fragrance to our lives.

A word of humor can make the stalled negotiation revived…

A word of humor can also dissolved the tensed atmosphere…

A word of humor will allow you to become a focus of attention…

A word of humor can also allow first meeting of the opposite sex have a good impression of you…

Last but not least, a word of humor can even get you sympathy and love from others.

Here is a story:

A kid asked a cinema ticket seller: “Madam, how much is one ticket?”

Ticket seller: “10 dollars, Kid.”

Kid replied: “Madam, I have only 5 dollars with me. Please let me in and I will use only one eye to view the show.”

The kid’s Innocent humor, may win the hearty smile of the ticket seller and let him get into the cinema.

This is the effect of the power of humor!

In life, everyone will want to communicate with others and to demonstrate superior wisdom of humor. But in the actual fact many people lacked the humorous capability.

A gentleman who is generally reserved and serious in character, work in an enterprise as a manpower and resource manager. One of his job nature is to deal with many people everyday. Once upon a time, a

subordinate made a joke in his departmental meeting with the intention of making the atmosphere lively. But due to his seriousness and lack of sense of humor, everybody dare not laugh. Gradually, he was

misunderstood and mistaken to be rude, arrogant and to lack affinity. All of these have bought him to a great trouble and he will have to continue withstanding the stress and pressure.

An introvert as a female tour guide, will always be worried about not being to able to make joke to her tour group to relax the tense atmosphere. Once upon a time, a tourist joked with her with obviously no malice, but she reacted tensely and exposed her unnatural facial expression, which resulted in the tourist’s embarrassment and finally spoiled the entire atmosphere because of her lack of sensibility of humor.

Like the manpower resource manage and the tour guide, many people are aspired to transform themselves into a humorous person, but not everyone can do so. The ability of humor can only be acquired through the ongoing and continuous effort. Nobody in the world on human nature automatically come with a sense of humor after born. Humor require certain skills, however, it is the skill of humorous ability that can be acquired through the constantly learning in life.

One of the effective way to learn and cultivate humor is frequently through good humor comics and funny

jokes reading. By doing so, you will not only please yourself by laughing at the humor comics, and will also be infected and stimulated by the flash of wisdom in humor. Sooner or later, you will find that your attitude towards the life changed gradually. Moreover, you will make some small jokes in normal casual

conversations, by then, priceless humor has already started to plant its seeds in your heart.