Sense Of Priceless Humor

The power of good humor or priceless humor is unlimited. Humor can develop your wisdom and let ones

face life optimistically. Humor can help make your life colorful and enhance your confidence. Your sense of humor can even “spread” to the people around and make their lives joyful.

Humor is everywhere, every time, it is like the flowers blooming in every corner of our planet and add beauty and fragrance to our lives.

A word of humor can make the stalled negotiation revived…

A word of humor can also dissolved the tensed atmosphere…

A word of humor will allow you to become a focus of attention…

A word of humor can also allow first meeting of the opposite sex have a good impression of you…

Last but not least, a word of humor can even get you sympathy and love from others.

Here is a story:

A kid asked a cinema ticket seller: “Madam, how much is one ticket?”

Ticket seller: “10 dollars, Kid.”

Kid replied: “Madam, I have only 5 dollars with me. Please let me in and I will use only one eye to view the show.”

The kid’s Innocent humor, may win the hearty smile of the ticket seller and let him get into the cinema.

This is the effect of the power of humor!

In life, everyone will want to communicate with others and to demonstrate superior wisdom of humor. But in the actual fact many people lacked the humorous capability.

A gentleman who is generally reserved and serious in character, work in an enterprise as a manpower and resource manager. One of his job nature is to deal with many people everyday. Once upon a time, a

subordinate made a joke in his departmental meeting with the intention of making the atmosphere lively. But due to his seriousness and lack of sense of humor, everybody dare not laugh. Gradually, he was

misunderstood and mistaken to be rude, arrogant and to lack affinity. All of these have bought him to a great trouble and he will have to continue withstanding the stress and pressure.

An introvert as a female tour guide, will always be worried about not being to able to make joke to her tour group to relax the tense atmosphere. Once upon a time, a tourist joked with her with obviously no malice, but she reacted tensely and exposed her unnatural facial expression, which resulted in the tourist’s embarrassment and finally spoiled the entire atmosphere because of her lack of sensibility of humor.

Like the manpower resource manage and the tour guide, many people are aspired to transform themselves into a humorous person, but not everyone can do so. The ability of humor can only be acquired through the ongoing and continuous effort. Nobody in the world on human nature automatically come with a sense of humor after born. Humor require certain skills, however, it is the skill of humorous ability that can be acquired through the constantly learning in life.

One of the effective way to learn and cultivate humor is frequently through good humor comics and funny

jokes reading. By doing so, you will not only please yourself by laughing at the humor comics, and will also be infected and stimulated by the flash of wisdom in humor. Sooner or later, you will find that your attitude towards the life changed gradually. Moreover, you will make some small jokes in normal casual

conversations, by then, priceless humor has already started to plant its seeds in your heart.

Humor Just Got A Whole Lot Funnier With Juggin Joe

Author Joseph Yakel presents his own blend of humor and melodrama in this country boy comedy. Offered as a light-hearted, fun adventure with a feel-good edge, Yakel said he was looking to amuse his audience with something a little different. “With Juggin Joe, I wanted to create a funny, but identifiable character, and his own unique ‘hook’, that would draw readers into his world. Hopefully, I’ve done that with this comedy adventure, and Joe and the rest of the gang will strike a good chord amongst readers.”

Yakel describes “The Legend of Juggin Joe” as an over-the-top fictional humor story that takes place in and around the Town of Westerlo, NY, and centers around the life and times of a hillboy dubbed ‘Juggin Joe’, for his uncanny musical abilities with the jug. Yakel said, “This book is a country boy comedy/melodrama that I’ve written in ‘country speak’, which makes the story that much more fun to read. It’s a light-hearted, clean, fun adventure, suitable for all audiences.”

Have you ever watched a country movie, and, in a good natured way, tried to imitate the characters’ accents and dialogue? Sure you have, and more than likely, you had yourself a good laugh with the trying. Now then, have you ever read a book with such a dialogue? Probably not, and further, you’ve likely never even seen such a book. Until now, that is. After you read ‘The Legend of Juggin Joe’, you’ll be able to respond affirmatively that, not only have you satisfied your longing to fill this heretofore literary void, but that you had a hilariously good time in doing so! Once the rhythm of the dialogue takes root in your mind, you’ll actually start thinking and talking like the characters! And that, my friends, is the key that unlocks your door to Joe’s world!

As the story begins, you’ll laugh at Joe’s country ways, and, perhaps, perceive him and the rest of the gang, merely as ‘bumpkins’. But, as the comedy-melodrama unfolds, you’ll quickly realize that there is more below the surface of that Westerlo topsoil than you had initially suspected. As you wind your way through the chapters, your laughter will gradually shift from being aimed at Joe, and somehow become laughter shared with Joe! By the time you realize that this subtle transformation has occurred, the hook has already been set! All the while, the secrets to unlocking Joe’s full potential in the world are slowly revealed.

It’s easy to identify with Joe. You’ll root him on, share his joy, and feel his pain, as he weathers the storms of life. By the time the book ends, you’ll have gained a newfound respect and admiration for Joe, his good-natured antics, and for his unmistakably simple perspective of life. Simply put, Juggin Joe transforms those around him, and brings balance to the world – it’s what he does.

If the grind of everyday life and work is putting you to sleep, worry your troubled heart no more. A remedy is now at hand. Good humor is a powerful antidote to the ‘environmental lethargy’ weighing you down. So, go ahead and read, “The Legend of Juggin Joe”, and count yourself among those who have awaked!

“The Legend of Juggin Joe”

* ISBN 1-4116-2588-9 * Pub date: March 2005 * $9.00 paperback * 123 pages *

New Book Offers Dad-Style Humor to Benefit TBI Survivors

Mark Elswick, aka “Padman,” has overcome the hurdles of fatherhood and lived to write about them in this humorous collection of short stories based on his own experiences as a man dealing with women, especially his daughter. Whether it’s having to go to the store to buy those…um, feminine hygiene products for his daughter, worrying over the older man his daughter wants to date, or just accepting that he’s reached middle-age and is becoming an old man, readers will smile with familiarity at the incidents, sympathizing with Elswick’s feelings and admiring his pluck to keep going in the face of what often threatens his manhood or at least his masculine self-esteem.

Nor is Elswick above poking fun at himself. While he may be amazed and stunned by the things the women around him do, he ultimately laughs at his own reactions to events and the expectations women have of him. When he tries to outsmart women such as by “multi-tasking” (watching the game while changing his daughter’s diaper), his efforts have a tendency to backfire, ultimately to his and the reader’s amusement.

Just to provide a taste of Elswick’s humor, here is a passage from the story “A Shoestring?”:

“As I started to shut the dryer door, I decided to do something I wish I never would have done. I double-checked the dryer to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

“Sure enough, there was something-a shoestring. Why did she wash a shoestring? I rolled my eyes in typical disbelief. I reached my hand in to pull it out, hoping it hadn’t somehow wound itself inside the machine and broken something. I just knew it had caused damage to my dryer. Thankfully, as I grabbed onto the black string, it wasn’t wound into a mess and pulled right out. Relieved and feeling my anger exhale, I lifted the….

“At that point, I stopped exhaling and even stopped breathing. What I grasped in my right hand was what I had thought was a string. Now, I quickly realized it was no string at all. As I brought what I thought belonged in my daughter’s shoe to eye level, I felt it was nearly the worst Dad Moment in my parenting life. I could have screamed when I realized this “string” in no way resembled what I had originally thought.

“That tiny piece of string made me feel as nauseated as when I had discovered what With Wings meant.

“That shoestring was…one of my fourteen-year-old daughter’s thongs.

“As I had learned in my Padman adventure, there are certain things we men never want to run across in life. This one ranked right up there with catching your parents having sex.”

As if having to deal with a teenage daughter growing up were not enough, Elswick has had to overcome some other very serious hurdles in his life. While the bulk of “Padman” is composed of humorous stories, sprinkled throughout are a few quite serious stories and essays. The most dramatic story is that of Elswick himself, who survived a bizarre car accident that left him with a traumatic brain incident (TBI) injury. The doctors told Elswick’s parents that he was unlikely to live, and if he did, he would be a vegetable for the rest of his life. Against all odds, Elswick not only survived but has gone on to live a relatively normal life, although his TBI continues to affect him.

Elswick does not dwell at great length or with negativity on his trials, but he does want this book to raise awareness of TBI and appreciation for how precious life is. He provides many laughs in these pages with a little education tossed in for good measure. Elswick is currently working on a longer book about TBI to be released in 2012. In the meantime, partial proceeds from the sale of “Padman” are being donated to TBI research.